Fastest Growing Affordable Laundry & Dry Cleaning Brand in India - Laundrywalai!

 Laundrywala is a business that offers laundry, dry cleaning, and other associated services in a professional and affordable manner. It offers laundry & dry cleaning services. The garments seem as good as new, which offers a wonderful consumer experience. The highest safety and care are taken when handling every item of clothing. Because their personnel is well-trained and aware of the value of their time, Laundrywala offers the greatest experience for dry cleaning. The business offers laundry, shoe cleaning, dry cleaning, home and office sanitization, among other services. All used items and services are high-quality, hygienic, eco-friendly, and performed by experts. The best cleaning business is Laundrywala. Mainly maids and dhobis, who never provided high-quality service, were available to urban Indians. So either individuals were sacrificing comfort by doing their own laundry, or they were sacrificing quality.


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Best Laundry Franchise Business in India - Laundrywalai!

Laundrywala was founded in 2018 to address these laundry difficulties in urban India. The company has already made a name for itself as the biggest laundry and dry cleaning chain in India. It is well recognised for organising the Indian laundry sector and improving the quality of life for its clients.

Finding the ideal place to put up a store is the first step in beginning a dry cleaning service. It necessitates thorough investigation into a region’s market competition, demography, and population. Make a short list of potential locations and decide where you will have less competitors and a steady customer base. The laundry service has observed a significant boost in the past few years because of ease in cleaning clothes with doorstep facility. On-call laundry and dry cleaning services have grown the cleaning industry and have been appreciated by customers. We at Laundrywala Laundry offer exceptional laundry services, exciting prices, and convenience facilities to customers.

The co-founders of Laundry Franchise came to the realisation that the majority of people were outsourcing their laundry services while on business trips to the United States, Europe, and South East Asia. Laundry services are now a significant industry. However, over 96% of the laundry sector in India was unorganised; people either did their own washing or relied on others, such as maids and dhobis.

Best Laundry Business at home takes a lot of time, and there aren’t many places to hang clothing to dry them in between the daily rigmarole of washing and ironing. However, outsourcing it through unorganised channels results in a significant reduction in wash quality and cleanliness due to the use of subpar water, detergents, and mixing of the clothing while they are being washed, not to mention the significant damage it causes to the expensive fabric.

Laundrywala – Services

The company offers top-notch services for dry cleaning, shoe cleaning, and laundry.
Laundywala combines top-of-the-line Swedish technology, German chemicals that are biodegradable and eco-friendly, and Italian equipment to steam iron garments for a crisp, wrinkle-free finish. Because hygiene is their top priority, they wash every customer’s garments individually and adhere to all Covid 19 recommendations made by the CDC and WHO.

The following groups their washing service into:

Laundry services include wash, fold, and steam iron.
In order to offer top-notch dry cleaning services for bridal wear, haute couture, woollens, lehengas, suits, leather items, soft toys, bags, blankets, curtains, carpets, etc., they have incorporated the most recent Lagoon technology.

They provide the greatest shoe cleaning services due to their skill in cleaning & repairing suede, canvas, sports, leather, nubuck shoes, heels, and all other types of footwear.

This is one of the few businesses where any entrepreneur can start a business with less or without training, especially with the help of Laundrywala Franchise. Finding prospective customers is the key to your success in the laundry business. The Laundry or dry cleaning industry is highly underrated, thus making it an attractive sector for investment as competitors are very low. As the market size is enormous, a customers base can be gained in no time through the right services and marketing plans.