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ICU at Home in Delhi

If you need a ICU at Home and Critical care nursing services at home for your parents at home in delhi, then you are in the right place now. Home Health Care provide compassionate and reliable icu at home in delhi to help keep seniors safe and independent wherever they call home. At-home critical care services are usually the choice after the patient has received some intensive care at the ICU in the hospital. But further staying in the hospital can be problematic for the some patient. Sometimes there are financial and budget issues. Other times it is stress issues or even infections at the hospital that may need treatment to happen at their home.

Critical Care Nursing at Home in Delhi for Elderly

Critical Care Nursing at Home in delhi is one of Home Health Care specialties. We know the elders deserve the best of treatment at home, the speed of recovery is one notch above. So, Home Health Care take care of the following critical care nursing features and principles and promise your elders a super fast and healthy recovery.

When Do You Need Critical Care?

When a family member needs long term ICU care at home in Delhi, a lot of best doctors and hospitals advise for such care to be provided at home if possible, in case there are no active interventions to be done.The patient is happier at home and healing can happen without the threat of hospital acquired infections. This is financially easier for the family as well considering such care at home comes at least 50% cheaper than in a hospital.Home Health Care have provided this service to a lot of patients with respiratory or neurological disease who take a long time to recover and need adequate device support and specialised care through trained nurses.

In-home ICU in Delhi

Home Health Care's critical care nursing services in delhi provide in-home service offer. So, the elderly-dependent gets the best treatment in their home in delhi. Also, Don’t worry! Home Health Care has a completely advanced team of attendants, nurses, physiotherapists, and doctors of many domains. This helps to make sure the patient is completely out of danger when getting critical care nursing at home.


If you hire a professional critical care at home in delhi from an Home Health Care Services company, you wouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your loved ones. All the people working for the company are background-verified by Home Health Care.

Expert Advice

Home Health Care's Critical care nursing services and icu at home in delhi offer doctor’s consultation, physiotherapy sessions, and nutritional assessment at your home in delhi. All the attendants are highly trained and certified.

Who You Can Appoint For ICU at Home in Delhi?

Home Health Care's qualified and trained critical care staff can support your loved ones with the medical care the need in the comfart of home in Delhi

ICU at Home

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Nurse at Home

ICU setup at home in Delhi

In some highly critical cases, a patient is required to be under intensive care unit facilities for a long duration. This can be mentally, emotionally and financially taxing for the patient as well as the entire family. In such cases, Home Health Care's ICU setup can be arranged at home so that the patient is with the loved ones, in a familiar surrounding so that all of this can assist the treatment.

Critical Care Nurse in Delhi

Nursing is the most important aspect of ICU at home in Delh. ICU patients generally tend to not comply and they are also helpless in a lot of ways so highly trained, gentle and disciplined nursing staff for ICU at home is a must. Nursing staff can have a variety of responsibilities depending on the condition of the patient.

Bed Sore Management

Parkinson's disease is a long-term degenerative disorder of the central nervous system that mainly affects neuromuscular movements. The most common factor in the disease is shaking, rigidity, slowness of movement, and difficulty with walking. Home Health Care carers are always available for the support and care of the elderly in Delhi.

Paralytic Patient Care in Delhi

Home Health Care's Paralytic Patient Care in delhi is for semi or fully bed-ridden elderly's. Home Health Care carer helps in all daily living activities on the bed and prevents them from further health issues through continuous positioning, massage, exercises, and movements.

Domiciliary Care in Delhi

Get personal care for seniors/old age people at your own home by Home Health Care; right from the companionship and assistance with daily chores during the day. With our Domiciliary care services, we are always ready for the help of elders in maintaining their quality of life and independence.


Nursing procedures, speech Therapy, Doctor Visit etc

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6-12 hours a day + throughout Night on your Rotation


Round the Clock Resident/ 24 hours Live-in alongside patients

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cost will depend upon the duration and nature of the services you have requested. The cost of the service starts from as low as Rs.250/- for a short visit in delhi. Moreover, we can let you know about our services cost after assessment of your elderly home care needs in delhi.

We have a team of attendants/nurses/doctors. Their set of services is quite different. Feel free to discuss it with us regarding any specific support/tests/check-up/medication. And you can check our teams' skill set and activities in detail.

If its a procedure by a doctor, nurse, physio then as long as it takes to do. Other home visits in delhi can be a short visit for up to an hour and can be availed for a full 24 hours (rotating staff or single resident staff).

Home Health Care team in delhi have a backup plan to find a replacement as quickly as possible so that the care of your loved one is not compromised. If for any reason there are concerns we will resolve in the best possible manner.

Generally, Home Health Care provide care 2 to 24 hours(rotating staff or single resident staff) a day. We provide that specific staff according to your required shift hours for elderly home care in delhi.

Anyone who needs assistance to function independently at home in delhi. At Preferred Care at Home in delhi, you can get as little as an hour of help or as much as 12 hours a day and 24 hours a day, depending on your specific needs.

As quickly as you need them. Home Health Care provide in delhi a reliable, compassionate, affordable caregiver on your timeframe, according to your needs.

Yes. Home Health Care services can be provided at hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, assisted living facilities or your home in delhi. Where and how you receive services is up to you.

BooYou’re in control of who cares for you. Before services are started, your professional care coordinator visits you for a free home evaluation. The information he or she gathers is designed to help select your caregiver in delhi and make an ideal match-up. Then, we always advise that you have a special face-to-face interview with your potential caregiver. If for any reason this person doesn’t meet your expectations, a simple call to the office is all that’s needed to make a caregiver change. We strive for 100-percent client satisfaction.

Home Health Care's elder care at homes in delhi are different than old age homes because here typically we take residents who need help with their daily activities, have nursing needs, have any chronic condition, or have dementia. Home Health Care have residents who need high levels of care & attention, it is a step below a nursing at home in delhi.

Home Health Care offers assisted living, dementia care, skilled nursing care, palliative care to elders in need of 24x7 care and assistance Our care includes: An individualised care plan Emergency medical response procedures 24 x 7 attendant and personalised care; Care and nursing staff on day & night shift Medication Management Full ADL support (bathing, feeding, transferring, help with activities etc) Home-cooked nutritious meals keeping individual restrictions/requirements in mind Streamlined paperwork and reporting on each resident Full housekeeping (including cleaning and laundry) Daily activities including occupational therapy, music/ games and social events Our Homes are managed under the expertise of a trained professional team and all staff are trained in dementia care

Home Health Care have an open door policy. Home Health Care encourage family members to visit as often as possible. However we recommend that family members can observe instead of actively participating in routine activities - this will allow Epoch caregivers to build their own rapports with the residents in delhi.

Elder Care at Home

Get ahold of the best-in-class physiotherapy services at Home Healthcare & provide the finest health care to your loved ones.

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