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Critical Care Nursing Services At Home

Home Health Care is one of the best ICU or critical care service providers that are known for providing quality and well-experienced personnel who take care of the health conditions and offer unexceptional medical services to our clients.

Amongst all our on call healthcare services, Critical Care Nursing Services at Home  is the widely accepted medical service that not only takes care of the routine health of the patient but also manages and monitors the exact health conditions.

Our big team of experts is happy to serve and strive to understand your current and future needs of Medical Equipment on Rent in the best possible ways. 

We, as a giver of Nurses For Critical Care at Home  have carved a niche in the medical and Home Nursing Service industry for our sophisticated range of healthcare and on call home services at the comfort of the doorsteps.

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    Critical Care Services At Home

    We provide Critical Care Nursing at Home, Critical care is a medical service that is required for patients suffering from life-threatening injuries and illnesses. We have a full range of automated medical equipment in the intensive care unit to constantly monitor your vital signs, moreover, for the ease and comfort of the patient as well as the health practitioners. 

    We have specialized and experienced critical care medical staff that is available for your care 24*7 to give you better health support in your mobility needs, therapies, and doctor’s appointments. 

    Critical Care Nursing Services At Home

    We offer Critical Care Nursing to patients with high-end quality services in Delhi. Our nursing specialists are well trained and know how to manage such patients who are dealing with severe conditions. It is not an easy job when it comes to handling patients who need critical care but our nurses make sure to provide intense care to them. The nursing care at home helps patients get the recovery soon. They get well soon when they get treatment with their family members around them. Nurses at home can help get the patients one-on-one care. Assisting in getting their day to day activities done and taking medications and therapies on time.


    Based on the treatment by our doctor’s recommendation a complete critical care plan is developed for our patients and the critical care at home service packages are tailor-made to suit the requirement of the patient and the patient’s family or friends. The service packages offered under the critical care plan includes 24 hours of medical caretaker support by our critical care trained nurses.

    A wide range of critical care healthcare services at home can be made available at their place of residence and more comfort, including medical aid and nursing, in the event of unexpected damage, injury, acute diseases, surgery or illness. Popularly referred to as Critical Care Services at Home is normally less expensive and more convenient than any other care you can get in a hospital, medical specialty, diagnostic centers or nursing home.

    Home Health Care

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    Doctor recommended protocols, personalized plans & measurable clinical outcomes that ensure timely recovery.

     1 lakh+ happy customers across 5 cities & 22+ years of experience in home health care. 

    Expert medical care right at your home with no stress of transport, extra costs & other hassles.

    High quality advanced medical care
    Well trained and compassionate staff
    Personalized treatment planning
    Home Health Care

    Why Home Health Care?

    23+ Award Winner

    We are India's most trusted home care brand that gives seniors to a healthier, hassle-free, active life in the comfort of your home.

    Trusted by NRI

    Get 24/7 Emergency Support Experience Daily Care Calls Access to Emergency Responders Avail Helpdesk for Seniors.

    International Treatment Protocol

    Home Health Care Staff are verified and trained to deliver care with empathy.

    Home Health Care

    We Offer Care and Love To Elders

    Since commencement our prime goal is to serve the elder and offer unmatched care that they crave for. We comprehend that some situation might have triggered the need for nursing care and we ensure that your senior will feel like home.

    Home Health Care

    Plans & Pricing

    Home Health Care offers one of the most reliable, qualitative, and preventive health check-up packages and care plans at affordable prices.


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    Grand Family PLAN

    Home Health Care

    Frequently Asked Question

    1What kinds of situations need critical care?

    A stroke, sepsis, respiratory failure, pneumonia, heart attack, multiple organ failure, kidney failure, malnutrition, excessive blessing, a car accident, fall, burns, etc., may need critical care.

    2When is the right time to shift from ICU to at-home critical care?

    The right time is when the elder is somewhat out of danger. It should be enough that a nurse and physiotherapist can handle the patient. Thankfully, that is possible. So, if the patient may need only intravenous infusions, tracheostomy care, seizure management, BIPAP ventilation, and similar care procedures, the nurses can handle it at home.

    3Is critical care at home a reliable alternative to ICU?


    Yes, critical care at home is highly reliable if the equipment and the nurse handling the elder are competitive enough. But, that’s a promise HomeHealthCare makes. We make sure your elder’s health is taken care of by high-quality equipment and well-trained nurses as part of our ICU at home services. For the few procedures that cannot happen at home, the nurses know how to proceed and are capable of shifting the patient to the hospital safely. A physiotherapist accompanies the nurse wherever necessary.

    4What is telemonitoring?

    Telemonitoring is the way the experts monitor a patient's medical parameters. These parameters include blood pressure, heart rate, ECG, oxygen saturation, temperature, and pulse. There is telemonitoring equipment attached to the patient for effective ICU home care. The nurse, the doctors, and the back-end team at HomeHealthCare, all keep a close look at these parameters. And in case any of these seem to go out of control, the nurse and doctors take immediate action. Sometimes this action can be to shift the elder to the hospital for a while.

    5Why should I choose HomeHealthCare over any other company?

    HomeHealthCare brings you facilities in elder care that not many other companies do. Your loved one gets the benefits of our telemonitoring system, the emergency support system, and fully-trained nurses. That too, with the multidisciplinary team of specialists available at very affordable rates. ICU at home in India is now no big deal.

    Home Health Care

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    Home Health Care

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    Great experience with this company as the attendant they provide are professional and polite. Support team executive is very co operative to resolve problems arising.
    I will recommend to avail the services from HomeHealthCare.

    Mansi Koul

    Amazing, timely service. Our caregiver . My mom who had a knee replacement surgery was well tended to. The management was superb and lived upto all promises. Very thankful and impressed with the service. Recommend HomeHealthCare for home caregiver services.

    Neha Gupta

    I am very much satisfied with their service and would 100 percent recommend them. They are great with their services. I booked them for home care of my grandmother after she was discharged from the hospital. Totally satisfied. The nurse Kirti Kumari did a great job.

    Dr. Anubha Sharma